Cairns Lifestyle Photographer

Hello, and welcome to the Pictography website! I am a Cairns based lifestyle photographer. I am a wedding photographer,  pet photographer  commercial photographer, as well as engagement and family portrait photographer. Oh I also dabble in glamour photography.

There is certainly no shortage of photographers out there as I’m sure you already know – but if you want to work with a humble, down to earth photographer I’d put Pictography on your short list. I don’t attend any expos and you wont find me on social media (been there done that) – I’m quite happy to get work purely through recommendations. I don’t rely purely on photography for my income, which actually works out well for me because I can approach photography without the pressure of having to be salesman and try and sell you my services and products.

You also won’t find the highly overused term “capturing precious memories” anywhere on my website – nor will you find any over the top fluff or ridiculous pampering that seems to go on in the photography industry.

So please have a look around, and if you like what you see get in touch!

A break down of my photography skill set:

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